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All That Remains

5 June - 03 July

Robyn Bernadt, Olivia Colja, Chris De Sira, Shanti Gelmi, Louise Grimshaw, Kristy Scaddan, Cim Sears, Laura Sikes, Deborah Worthy-Collins and Jane Ziemons.


Curated by Robyn Bernadt, All That Remains is a contemporary exhibition exploring the theme of memory in a variety of mediums and materials from a group of emerging and established artists, all current students or alumni of Edith Cowan University. With strong community links and promotion of cultural experience, All That Remains creates a starting point for intergenerational discussion surrounding memory, nostalgia and exploration of personal histories.


Memories, at the core of our conscious experience, shape who we are. They are a fundamentally defining feature of individuality. Artists often form complex relationships with the notion of memory, using objects and images that represent the experience as visual language. The artists have explored this theme with installation, textile, photography, painting and collage.

Robyn Bernadt, Kodak Moment 4, 2020