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Terms and conditions for Exhibitors


  • Hire fee: $1,000 for one month, plus $25 for each day thereafter, plus GST (one month minimum).

  • A deposit of $250 secures the booking once the proposal has been accepted and exhibition dates confirmed.

  • Each exhibiting artist must be a paying member of Ellenbrook Arts, or willing to become one. Individual memberships are $15 / year, payable with the commencement of the agreement.

Agreement and dates

  • The Exhibitor will sign an agreement with the Executive Director that specifies the dates and unique conditions of the hire period.

  • The Exhibitor will meet with the Executive Director at least two months prior to the exhibition opening to discuss installation.

  • The dates specified in the agreement are the overall dates of the hire period, encompassing the entirety of the hire period from delivery of artwork, install, opening event and removal of artwork.

  • In general the hire period offered will be between one month and six weeks in duration.

  • The finalization of payments and sales of artworks may occur up to one month following the last day of the hire period.



  • Invitations: Ellenbrook Arts will provide a digital invitation in liaison with the Exhibitor.
  • Images: The Exhibitor must provide a selection of quality images and information for promotional purposes three months prior to the exhibition.
  • Print: Ellenbrook Arts can arrange for printed material at an extra cost, if required.
  • The Exhibitor will be invoiced at cost plus GST for graphic designing, printing and postage of invitations and collateral.
  • The exhibition will be advertised via the Ellenbrook Arts website, member's newsletter and Facebook page.
  • Members of Ellenbrook Arts receive an invitation to the Opening Event. RSVP's are administered by Ellenbrook Arts.
  • Advertising: Advertising outside of the specified agreement will be invoiced at cost to the Exhibitor.
  • Media Release: The Media release will be prepared by Ellenbrook Arts and approved by the Exhibitor before release.
  • Ellenbrook Arts must be acknowledged in any and all promotional activity, whether in print, radio, social media or other publications.

  • Logo: The full colour Ellenbrook Arts logo with the strap line "create, perform, participate" must be used on all marketing collateral associated with the exhibition, in the lower right hand corner, or in another prominent location and be approved by the Executive Director prior to release.

Freight, logistics, installation and removal of artworks

  • The Exhibitor is responsible for the logistics and freight of all artworks to and from the gallery.

  • The Exhibitor is responsible for the installation and curation of the entire exhibition.

  • The exhibition, once it is installed, must be approved prior to the Opening Event by the Executive Director.

  • Ellenbrook Arts reserves the right to refuse to display or withdraw artwork from the exhibition.

  • Unsold artworks should not be stored at the gallery after the end of the exhibition and must be removed from the premises on the agreed date.

  • Sold artworks should be left in the care of Ellenbrook Arts so that we may finalize sales and arrange collection with the buyer.

  • The Exhibitor is responsible for the removal of the entire exhibition.

  • Patching up of walls and making good of any damage is the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor.

  • Damages to the building or loss of equipment will be taken from the $250 deposit, and will be charged at the same rate of the trade person who is engaged to do the work.

  • Assistance with any repair, install or maintenance work can be provided at an extra cost of $110 for a call out fee + $45 / hour.


Opening event

  • Ellenbrook Arts and the Exhibitor will agree on a suitable date and time for the opening event at the time of signing the exhibition agreement.

  • Ellenbrook Arts is responsible for the coordination, service and presentation of the catering of the opening event, including qualified staff who hold a current RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) Certificate. The cost of the catering will be calculated on consumption and split between the exhibitor and Ellenbrook Arts.

  • Exhibitors are responsible for booking, paying and liaising with any live entertainment.

  • Ellenbrook Arts and Exhibitors are jointly responsible for coordinating the guest list, identifying VIP's, hosting and assisting any official speakers or special addresses by dignitaries.

  • Ellenbrook Arts will invite their paying members to the opening event and administer RSVP's and sales.

  • Ellenbrook Arts recognizes duty of care and strives to maintain best practice in all its dealings with artists and audiences.

Insurance and copyright

  • Insurance: Ellenbrook Arts insures artworks against standard insurable events during the exhibition period. The exhibitor must provide a current list of each artwork in the exhibition, listing the artist's name, title, year, dimensions, medium and value of each artwork.

  • Copyright: Ellenbrook Arts will be permitted to have non-exclusive rights to reproduce works for the purposes of promotion, with the artist acknowledged.  The copyright of the work remains with the artist.

Access to site and gallery opening hours

  • Ellenbrook Arts provides gallery sitting within the advertised gallery opening hours.

  • The Exhibitor may provide extra gallery sitting outside of the advertised gallery hours provided that the gallery sitter has completed the site induction and adheres to Ellenbrook Arts protocols whilst on duty.

  • Exhibitors may access the gallery outside of gallery hours provided that they have completed the site induction and give reasonable notice and give reasons for needing access to the site, and have written permission to do so by the Executive Director.



  • Commission on any art work sold is 30%.

  • The Exhibitor appoints Ellenbrook Arts as the agent for the duration of the exhibition.

  • Payments will be made to artists at the end of the calendar month following the close of the exhibition.

  • Buyers will be contacted and assisted with their purchase by Ellenbrook Arts staff.

  • Exhibitors may also facilitate sales and provide gallery sitting outside of the usual gallery hours, if required.

Cancellation policy

  • The agreement can be cancelled by either party, giving no less than three months (90 days) written notice prior to the first day of the exhibition date.

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