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We are on the lookout for artists, curators and groups who are interested in exhibiting at Ellenbrook Arts as part of our 2023-24 annual program.

To apply, please read the terms and conditions carefully and make sure that you have collected all the required information before submitting your proposal.

Proposals are evaluated on artistic merit as well as on the suitability of the proposed exhibition to our aims and objectives.

If you wish to speak to us first about your idea please write to:

There are options for shared exhibitions or for being included in one of our group exhibitions.

General information for exhibitors



Gallery hire fees are $1,000 for one month, plus $25 for each day thereafter, plus GST. There is a deposit of $250 due on signing the hire period agreement. Commission on any art work sold is 30%.



PROMOTION we have a large membership base and strong connections in the industry and the community, and can help out with the promotion and marketing of your exhibition, based on your needs and budget. For more information about our marketing packages please contact us directly.

CATERING we can offer an excellent catering package for your opening event which includes local wines and cheeses plus qualified staff who will set up, serve and pack away. Or you may need an afternoon tea and coffee station for your artist talk. We'll work with you in putting together a plan to ensure that your event runs smoothly and your guests are cared for.

GREAT LOCATION we are situated on the main street in Ellenbrook, surrounded by cafes, restaurants, shops, and parks, with ample free parking on the main road for your guests and visitors. Not too far away are tourist attractions such as the Swan Valley, Whiteman Park and the Vines.


COMFORTS We have meeting rooms, a kitchenette, coffee and tea making facilities, a shower and lockers for your use, ease of access, and a cool courtyard with a gas BBQ for sundowners, mixers and summer events.

STAFF we are a professionally managed gallery run by a team of dedicated, qualified staff, and friendly, local volunteers.

MEMBERSHIP We have loyal members who attend artist talks and events. Why not include an artist talk or workshop as part of your proposal? You'll meet the community and if your application is successful, you will be required to become a member yourself.

INSURANCE yes, we insure all artworks and we have public liability insurance.

EQUIPMENT we have all the things you'll need to install and present your exhibition to its best advantage. 

How to Apply

Please provide the following information:

1. Cover letter: Your cover letter should very briefly describe the exhibition, naming the artists involved and include a brief summary of the content or style of the exhibition, and the reason for wanting to exhibit your work with us.

2. Support material:


  • Artist CV's. For a group exhibition of three artists or more, you only need to provide the CV of the coordinator or curator, or give background information on the group itself, whichever is more relevant. For duo shows, provide both artist's CV's. Submit your CV as either a PDF or a Word Document.

  • Artist biographies: Please provide a short bio per artist. For a group show you may instead provide the bio of the coordinator / curator if relevant. Ideally your bio should contain less than 300 words and give us a sense of who you are, where you are from, your educational background and your artistic direction and inspiration.

  •  Images: send us no more than ten (10) of the best and strongest supporting images you can, as JPEG files. Make sure that they are smaller than 5MB each, and captioned with the name of the artist, title and year.

3. Curatorial Rationale. Provide a one to two page text that outlines the reasoning behind the exhibition. This will involve a little thought and consideration. You might address questions such as why this exhibition exists, who it is for, and how it came about. Evidence of any selection processes made as part of the curation of the exhibition, or evidence of the decision-making that happened in the creation of the exhibition. As a rule of thumb, the Curatorial Rationale should demonstrate that you have clear ideas and plan to present a cohesive exhibition.

4. List of artworks intended for display: include the artist name, title, year, dimensions, price and medium of each work, if available. If the work is not ready to list in detail, please give an indication of the range of values and dimensions of the work, to give us a sense of the overall physical characteristics of the exhibition. (eg. 20 oil paintings on canvas, valued at $600 each, varying in size from 30 x 30 cm to 100 x 100 cm) This information lets us know if we are able to accommodate your exhibition. 

5. Preferred dates or date range. We can't guarantee dates but it is useful to know roughly when you are ready to exhibit, so please just give the months you prefer. We'll come back to you with an offer of dates if your proposal is successful. Most offers of dates will be between one month and six weeks in duration.

6. Coordinator details: for duo and group exhibitions, please nominate a coordinator who will be the main point of contact for queries and correspondence. Ensure that you have included the full name and contact details of the coordinator in your proposal, and make sure that they are willing to be appointed on behalf of the group.


Private functions

We are happy to discuss your ideas for a private function, workshop, or to book the venue for a different purpose other than an art exhibition, and will tailor the rates and terms according to your needs. For private functions, please contact us directly at:

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