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2017 art award images

Michelle Anderson


Recycled Scrap Metal

93cm x 46cm x 23cm


Wilson reminds us no matter what our external shell is - what is inside of us that counts and some sadly are empty. He represents growth and the need to build upon yourself to strive rather than remain stagnant and safe. I wanted to capture his cheeky nature as he does a playful turn, tail flicking behind him as he remains unawares. Having a fear of the ocean I have learned to love and respect it which enabled me to see beauty such as he. I never forget seeing my first parrot fish off the coastal waters of W.A. Keep swimming on Wilson.

Judith Ann

Zen Sunsets

Mixed Media

78cm x 76cm


"Zen Sunsets" is illuminated in iridescent gold to remind us of the quality time watching sunsets with those we love. Hand lettered in the German Fractur with angular & fractured forms ,words become quite architectural , dagger like & challenging to read. The idea is to slow the reader down to put the puzzle of letters together, figuring out the message within. The zen "O" is drawn with horse hair while the word "Remember" drifts through out to remind you to grab the precious memories & moments.

Brigitte Ackland

Dive Into Summer

93cm x 93cm



"Dive into Summer" is an abstract painting inspired by the vivid blue skies of Summer over Perth; of watching children excitedly jumping and diving off the wooden jetty at Hillarys Boat Harbour while doing their best to keep cool under the scorching sun; of yachts with their proud, tall masts promenading passed on the ocean. For me, this is Summer. 

Behzad Alipour 

Still Life Study

35cm x 40cm

Oil on Canvas


My approach to still life is with the same emotional connection and sincerity as any other subject matter. My initial composition "did not feel right" and it was lacking its Pythagoras; therefore, I decided to add the lemon to my setup. 
In this painting, I have explored the traditional techniques of using a limited pallet. This is a study from life which I progressed very gradually of a course of three weeks in Sweden and applied the finishing touches in my studio in Perth.

Sam Bloor

On Sight

Painting (diptych)

88cm X 67cm


On Sight consists of a high- vis shirt worn by the artist during his time on work sites and a drop sheet naturally marked during the process of painting walls. By framing these objects Bloor seeks to open a dialogue surrounding notions of perceived and transitional values of labour between the role of the artist and construction site worker.

Yvonne Bingham

Journey In Stitches


60cm x 90cm

Not For Sale

When I stitched these 2 pieces my thoughts became a journey, a journey from many countries to this land North of Antartica, a journey to Australia. The first piece represents the coming from a place, and on its way there are the colours of life, and the second piece is arriving and trying to find the road to make a home to find peace.

Tomasina Atkins



60cm x 30cm


I symbolize and personify grace and dignity, like that of royalty. Effortlessly beautiful and captivating with every nuance and move.

David Ayre

Special Lady - Special Place

Acrylic Painting

96cm x 66cm


The special lady is Ellen Stirling and the special place is Perth, Western Australia. With the special place I recognise the traditional owners and their name for the Perth area; Boorloo.

Ellen Stirling was the wife of the first Governor of WA, James Stirling. She was an invaluable partner to her husband in setting up the new Swan River Colony, Perth.

The framing of this painting was done by myself at the Ellenbrook and Districts Men's Shed. Any money gained fom the sale of this painting therefore will be going to the Men's Shed.

Warayute Bannatee


Oil on Canvas

80cm x 100cm


I lived in Carnarvon for eight years and most days Rocky would walk past my house. After watching him for many years, I asked him one day if I could take his photo to paint him, as he has such an interesting face and I knew he would be a great subject to paint. He was more than happy for me to paint him and over the past few years, I have painted him a number of times and every painting is always so different from the last one.

Helette Bester

Battle Scars

Acrylic Painting

45cm x 60cm


Each of these pebbles conjure images of wonder and mystery. What did they look like when they first started rolling around in the ocean? How big were they? Where did they come from? Will they ever disappear entirely after millennia?

Therefore I treated each of them as a mini composition of their own. A mini painting inside a painting. Each with its own battle scars. They each have their own character. Each one as unique as us.

Steven Bolt

The Master


49cm x 65cm


While wandering the streets of the Perth CBD, snapping different built-scapes, I rounded a corner to be confronted with this mighty natural beauty. Surrounded by many decades of men's work, this tree dominates its setting simply by being.

Sean Breadsell


Photograph on Canvas

50cm x 100cm


This piece was captured at the recent V8 Supercars series at Barbagallo Raceway. The even was Australian GT Series, and this Audi R8 Supercar was captured while panning at slow shutter speeds to portray 'Speed'

Melanie Breese

Red Trio

Acrylic on Canvas

45cm x 35cm


'Red Trio' is my interpretation of 3 apples sitting on my kitchen table.

Tara Brooks

Prickly Pear

Glass Sculpture

50cm x 35cm x 35cm


Prickly Pear is made using reclaimed glass. Just as a cactus can regenerate from the tiniest piece, so too does my art bring new life to scrap, growing it into something whole.

Ric Burkitt


Acrylic Painting

91.5cm x 91.5cm


'Subida' is about rising up, that upward movement that gets your head above the water, and into the clean air. The layering of the paint shows the history of the idea and the process behind it, and as with any movements of note, shards remain of what was: the effort, the struggle, the desire.

Sarah Norman-Brown

The Feast

Hand Embroidery

16cm x 8.5cm


The harsh realities of life and death in the natural world; where the death of one can provide nourishment for many could be considered distasteful, confronting or "ugly" but it is subject matter such as this that is a constant source of inspiration to me. There is beauty in the intricate details of the underside of a cockroach and the industurious nature of the common house ant that is so often overlooked or ignored.

Lee Carter

Wings Over Nourlangie


61cm x 91cm


'Wings over Nourlangie' depicts three Brolgas in formation.

The Brolga in Aboriginal Dreaming symbolises creativity, especially in dance and self expression.

Paintings of Brolgas are usually depicted dancing whereas in my painting they are flying high over the Nourlangie Rock which contains significant Aboriginal Art in Kakadu.

These are elegant birds both in flight and dance.


Jimmy Cangy

Eve Ate The Apple


75cm x 100cm


Genesis 3:6
When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it.

The symbolism of the apple relates to the “Apple tech
company”. Eve eating the apple represent society's perpetual hunger for new technologies. Temptation became a third party of human life and the appetite for more became a buffet of all you can eat in the banquet of technology.

Audrey Chey

Merging Orchid 1

Mixed Media on Canvas

65cm x 54cm


The concept for this series of paintings about Merging Orchid developed from my love for a hybrid orchid cultivar that is Singapore’s national flower. Its vibrant colour, hardiness and resilience quality are the source of inspiration for me.

I explore the psychological connection by creating spaces where the self melts and is experienced afresh. By incorporating layers of acrylic paints and rice paper collages to express integration. I prayed by burning incense sticks to create burnt marks for collages to metaphoric rebirth. Fluid lines express the passage of time and rhythm of life, revealing my internal landscape.

Britney Chase

The Millennial Generation


90cm x 60cm

Not For Sale

I've based my piece on my nostalgia from when I was a kid growing in the millennial generation, and how I saw technology was taking over society. Within my artwork I aimed to capture this idea and present my point of view of how I see the most popular technology taking over the kids of today. I utilised bright vibrant colours to show the artificial nature of this age. My intention for this artwork was to convey to people what technology is doing to the millennial generation and how it's changing for the worse.

Noreen Clapp

La Famille

Acrylic Painting

55cm x 45cm

Not For Sale

The Trinity is at the heart of my artwork, it is the focus of this family unit.

Capturing a likeness is important. It is also my intention to visually depict the bond between the parents and their son who is central in the close menage.

The pose is traditional. It befits the family's staunch beliefs and conservative values.

Brett Chrimes

The Prospector


13cm x 30cm x 53cm


The reality of the harsh outback greeted the prospector, broken and weary he left. But with the winter rains brought the life of flowers & plants and the hope of the dragonfly.

Rhonda Colombera

My Lotus Mandala

Acrylic on Canvas

96cm x 96cm

Not For Sale

Sue Cotton

What day is it?


83cm x 75cm


"What day is it?"
Words spoken by an old befuddled person.
A life which is fragmented and full of confusion. 
Lines and spaces which make words visible.

Greg Cox

Lake Gnangara

Oil Painting

95cm x 65cm

Not For Sale

This is painted from my memories of Lake Gnangara from how it used to be.

Jessie-Anne Clements


Acrylic Painting

91cm x 91cm


This painting is an aerial view of fallen leaves. I have used a vertical and circular line for composition.

Gill Cordiner

The corner of the garden


60cm x 30cm x 10cm


I created this piece using complex enamel techniques.


The main part is in 'Plique-à-jour' which in French means glimpse of the day. The piece is translucent like tiny miniature stained glass. The other technique is a miniature enamel painting, an ancient method. All pieces come together to express the love of a garden; a tiny, perfect vignette.

Andrew Cox

Blue Lady


72cm x 61cm


I have incorporated different styles of drawing and painting, to create something bold.

Joanne Cox


Oil Painting

25cm x 25cm


This piece 'Facets' was a real labor of love. It was painted in several layers, some translucent and some opaque, each one building upon the other to give the painting a real 3 dimensional effect. This painting has qualities which are only visible when looking at the real thing, and cannot be captured in photography.

Maretha Cronje

It takes a village to raise a child

Acrylic Painting

50cm x 50cm


After attending an 'Edge of the Sacred' Conference in Alice Springs, Maretha was inspired to capture the experience of being exiled from and yearning to reconnect with country, community and culture.


She captured these humane themes within the sacred space of the mandala.

Pauline Davies

Quiet Moment

Oil Painting


Roy Davies

The American Nightmare

Mixed Media

92cm x 60cm


Alina Dmitrieva

When It Pours

Coloured Pencil Drawing

74cm x 93cm


Working on this drawing offered a means for me to vent deeper emotions that I had trouble expressing in any other way at the time. It allowed me to explore a number of themes such as isolation and the continuing search for identity and inner peace.

Sahara DuPont


Acrylic Painting

100cm x 100cm


‘Treasures’ is a semi-realistic piece created with acrylic paints. This painting is supposed to represent the force of nature and the beauty and ugliness that comes with it.

Sarah Dye

Many Roads

Encaustic / Mixed Media

44cm x 44cm


Many Roads is a reflection of the countless pathways and roads we travel every day. Some roads meet, others lead to nowhere and a few are cyclic.


In my travels, I'm impacted by the words I hear and sights I see and these elements are revealed by the textures and markings on the panel, many are uplifting others more disconcerting.

Jody Ellis

Care Taker

Cross Stitch

42cm x 37cm

Not For Sale

Care Taker is a macabre zombie like nurse presented on navy blue aida fabric.

Paul Elliot

Eucalyptus Metallum


47cm x 37cm x 37cm


Eucalyptus Metallum is a fanciful idea of a tree that dominated the Pilbara region. Born in fire and brimstone and as hard as steel, the Earth cooled, and the rains came.

The lush green forests emerged and this vast woodland was slowly returned to the Earth, soaking it red with iron ore.

Donal Fahy


Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas

76cm x 60cm

Not For Sale

This is Cara...

Her parents wrap her in a soft warm towel....she looks effortlessly to the camera lens. 


The face presented is a captured image that will never happen again. 

What are the thoughts filling this beautiful mind? That, we will never know, but her parents will always remember, bath time with Cara...

Tami Esancy

Bindi in the Backyard - Ms Barky-Barky

Acrylic Painting

76cm x 76cm


The work is an depiction of my back yard, with Bindi, my 13 year old Jack-Russell/Chihuahua and her endless barking efforts.


The canvas is reused from an earlier work, and creates textures within the background panting. The paint is a mixture of quality artist acrylics and mis-tints from Bunnings. The work will be framed for the propose of denoting its "new" art work status.

Ernie Feldmann

Equilibrium under construction #1


42cm x 39cm x 33cm


There is a balance and a tension within the materials used in this work of art and a contrast exists between the natural wood and the highly geometric forms of this sculpture.

Linda Fardoe

Wondrous Wetlands

Arcrylic on Linen

60cm x 90cm


This work was inspired by the proposal to bulldoze a highway through the Beeliar Wetlands. The beauty of this place and the need to conserve the habitat for native plants and animals moved me to paint. For the past few years I have been using a restricted tonal pallet but the lushness of the ferns led me to the introduction of greens. The bulldozers and protesters have now departed giving the land a chance to heal.


Ethereal serenity, quietness and a curiosity of what may lay beyond take the viewer on a spiritual journey to a place of contemplation.

Ian Fewster


Acrylic Painting

30cm x 50cm


Sue Findlay

Bunny's Retreat

Mixed Media

46cm x 46cm


I was inspired to create this piece when I saw this lonely bunny sitting on the shelf in the local Salvo's store and wondered about all the pre-loved items that people discard. So I found him a new home in the form of art and hope that he will be adored for many years to come.

Pat Forster

Leafy Seadragon in a Sea Lettuce Meadow


91cm x 91cm


The leafy seadragon (Phycodurus Eques) is endemic to Australia, occurring on the Southern and Western coasts.

The 'leafy' motif in the quilt is based on the classic dragon curve described at which I adapted to suit the snowball patchwork block. It is swimming amongst sea lettuce and fish.

The quilt is machine pieced and is hand and machine quilted with cotton, polyester and metallic threads.

Lizette Fourie

Do You See What I See


63cm x 93cm


I love to do cloud watching with my children and all the things we see in the clouds. This artwork consists of photographs of clouds with different shapes and shades. it's fascinating to hear what other people see. I like old school photography and only used zoom and cropping on the photos.

Benn Francis

Seed Pride

Mixed Media

25cm x 30cm


The King of the animal Kingdom protecting the seed of life. The Seed of Life is a symbol for the seven stages of creation.

Lyn Franke

Fabricated Vintage

Mixed Media/Textiles

61cm x 61cm


My work is inspired by the colours of the vineyard in autumn. The use of textiles to create this image provides a more tactile element to the work.


It also allows for multi layering of colours and mixed fabrics to accentuate texture and the movement of falling leaves.

Stacy Gardoll

Roses Dreaming

Acrylic on Canvas

60cm x 90cm


Sharon Gayski

Winters' Modesty

Acrylics with Textured Medium

91cm x 61cm


This was created in my imagination. With a great love for trees, winter and the courage it takes to be transparent, raw, and naked with a sense of Modesty.

Jessica Geddes

Faith In What I See


60cm x 50cm


With a 'tree of life feeling' this piece offers inspiration, strength and faith.


I often paint nature scenes with a surreal twist to capture the magic and beauty of the world, as it can be easily missed through the daily challenges of reality.


I am aiming to enthrall others into remembering these things, to enjoy life and to have faith in what they see.

Ursula Ghort

Frilled Lizard

Acrylic Painting

62cm x 62cm


I really wanted to paint a Frilled Lizard after visiting a friend who has a love of reptiles and, as well as assorted snakes had a pair of beautiful Frilled Lizards.


I have enjoyed using vibrant colours, texture and a palette knife.

Brett Canet-Gibson

Trevor Jamieson


90cm x 60cm

Not For Sale

This portrait of Indigenous actor, dancer, musician and storyteller, Trevor Jamieson, was made outside in the grounds of the University of Western Australia on a spring-stained Sunday afternoon in Perth, using natural light and a portable backdrop.


Performing with the Ochre Contemporary Dance Company in a production called Kaya, Trevor was about to go through his warm up process before mesmerising a sold out closing-night audience.

Rachel Gillam

Changes From Above

Mixed Media

101cm x 101cm

Not For Sale

I’m in awe of our beautiful natural surroundings in Western Australia, capturing not only the forms of our landscape from an aerial perspective but the energy and movement such as a clouds floating in the air. 

I have worked from photos taken whilst flying in a plane or flying a drone. These photos are a guide only. Once back in the studio, I paint directly to my chosen surface. Layers of paint are suspended by doing glazes and using heat. The suspended layers I believe give an atmospheric energy, movement and translucency to these abstract expressionist works.

Jeanette Giroud

Ashes to Ashes

Mixed Media

101cm x 76cm


Bushfires are part of our Australian way of life. However, the devastation is immense.

The loss of human life and flora and fauna bring despair and unimaginable consequences.

As always, there is a glimmer of hope and the will to battle on and rebuild.

There is something hauntingly beautiful about the bush landscape after a fire.

Kelly Grant

Business As Unusual

Mixed Media

101 cm (3 x framed pieces)


Over the years, I have accumulated and kept 327 business cards for a multitude of reasons. Each card means something to me. Having a minimalist lifestyle, not keeping what isn’t used, I have chosen to use these cards for my most recent art project entitled Business As UNusual.
After much tracing, hand cutting, the cards have morphed into 3 hexagonal eye feasts.
Holding the belief that business cards will be another thing of the past, I am hoping my 3 piece mixed media set will be ‘fossilised’ on display somewhere interesting.

Chris Goldberg

Broken Dreams


57cm x 46cm


Dance was her passion.


10 years of training, commitment and sacrifice.


She had been granted a coveted place at the national school of ballet, her lifelong ambition, then one freak injury, and it was over in an instant …..all that was left were Broken Dreams.

Erin Guthrie

Midnight Catnap

Pencil, Pen, Paper

32cm x 27cm


'Midnight Catnap' is a Pencil/Pen on Paper drawing which is part of my 'Seth' Series.


Seth is the much loved and slightly zany Black Cat in our household and the unlikely Hero and Muse for many of my drawings.

Marie Haass


Acrylic on Paper

80cm x 75cm


PICA, a mixed media drawing questions the familiar pattern of cultural assimilation in our contemporary society.


In Perth, PICA was once a space to exhibit alternative art projects. Now the rebellious edge of the place has turned into an institution.

PICA has become a desacralized version of a temple.

Marie Hammat


Oil on Canvas

102cm x 102cm


Nidia Hansen

Waiting for the Rain

Acrylics and Mixed Media

96cm x 96cm


My artworks are mainly in Acrylics, although attracted by the versatility of contemporary art materials, I use mixed media to explore diversity and the relationship between forms, shapes, colors and textures in nature.


This allow me the creation of artworks that combine mixed subject in my own style.

Kenneth Harvey

The Old Shearing Shed

Pen and Ink

65cm x 50cm


Kim Hawks

Looking Through A Glass Window

Acrylic on Canvas

76cm x 91cm


I came across a photo of an orangutan that is trapped behind a glass window at a zoo and thought it was a sad perspective of an animal that is becoming extinct.


Although zoos have their place in preserving animals, it is still sad to see them in such a confined space and not in the wild. Yet it seems their natural habitat is being cleared by humans, driving them to extinction. I hope when people see this painting they are reminded of what these and other animals are facing and become more aware of our role in the extinction of animals.

Sarah Hoey

Look Away

Graphite Drawing on Paper

59cm x 84cm

Not For Sale

Being a teenager today in a sea of selfies, I feel as though we are forced to look at the minor details of a person. Someone is always watching.


I wanted to create this sense of being the center of attention, due to the large scale of this portrait - but the subject looks away, as if to shield themselves from direct conflict or judgement and to avoid any engagement with the audience.

Mata Holman


Pastel on Paper

99cm x 74cm

Not For Sale

I have named this piece Dion after the sitters name.


It is my fourth formal portrait.

Karin Hotchkin


Oil Painting

96cm x 38cm


Connections is an oil painting that has a strong focus on colour, shape, line, pattern, composition and balance.


The work connects geometric shapes and organic shapes together to create an interplay of design principles, hence the name Connections.


There are several layering techniques used with the oils and a complex structure of shapes and lines are applied to form an abstract bold work.

Xavier Hubbard

Esoteric Silence

Ink Painting

75cm x 100cm

Not For Sale

Esoteric Silence explore perception and judgement. The piece explores my inner feelings and conflicts, which are displayed through a small series of visual representations of struggles I encounter, which may only be revealed upon the correct viewing perspective, as it resides within the facade of the Rorschach test.

This concept was implemented to represent how society chooses to construct their own meanings and stories of YOUR life without understanding whom to judge. It is only when you allow yourself to become vulnerable and empathetic with the person, you may begin to understand their story.

Penny Hudson

A Stitch In Time

Mixed Media

16cm x 40cm x 40cm


My mother’s wedding dress. A christening gown worn by 4 generations of my family. My own childhood dresses. Museum specimen drawers. My continuing exploration into the life of a garment. The relationship between garment and wearer.
This is my journey. Discovering the stories and history stitched literally and emotionally throughout the threads of lifetimes.
The cultures of repair and alteration past and present.
Soft ground etchings reference X-rays of alterations and repairs of 19th garments. Stitched specimens preserved between perspex.
An artwork which reminds us of the texture, touch, sound, smell, history and stories woven and stitched into garments worn in times when resources where limited.

Elizabeth Humphreys

Marri With Blossoms


78cm x 40cm


My research into the many ways Marri trees were used before white settlement inspired this work.


The fabric for this quilt was naturally dyed used leaves and honkey nuts.


Parallel lines of hand stitching acknowledge the people who walked this land before white settlement.

Jordan Ingleton

Iro to Katachi

Digital Artwork on Acrylic

80cm x 40cm


Iro to Katachi means simply Colour and Form. This piece is inspired by Japanese imagery and themes such as the rising sun and tranquil summer gardens, while also acknowledging Japan's proud Samurai warrior heritage.


The intricacy of the piece is reflective of the simplicity and concurrent complexity of modern life.

Ash Jeeloll


Soft Pastel on Board

50cm x 38cm


Alfie depicts my love for the Australian Fauna.


The soft pink and the contrasting grey makes the Galah a very attractive subject.


This is the second part to my first pastel painting "Flaming Galah" and therefore the Alf Stewart reference.

Kylan Jegorow

Galaxy Stag

Soft Pastel on Paper

42cm x 29cm


My artwork is a stag that has a blue and black galaxy inside of it with trees at the bottom.

Barry Jones


Acrylic on Canvas

100cm x 100cm


The painting portrays glowing embers in an abstract form

Richard Kabzinski

Tree of Swan


48cm x 63cm



Tree on Swan was taken with a Canon 1100D camera, modified for infrared photography, using a Canon 17-40 mm lens with a 720nM infrared filter attached. White balance was set to an image of a green lawn taken with the above setup.


The result is that leaves appear white, while blue sky appears a Sepia colour, because the filter absorbs blue, green and most visible red light. Infrared light imparts a translucent appearance to the leaves and trunks of trees.


This shot was taken at ‘Fish Market Park’ on the banks of the Swan River in Guildford, Western Australia.

Kaye Kabzinski



101cm x 101cm


I love to capture special moments on canvas and this is one of them.


While walking by the lake one morning, I came upon this restful, undisturbed, tranquil place under an old paperbark tree.


I loved the tree, full of colour, so I painted it with acrylics and other mediums to capture the wonderful dynamics of colour and the textures created as it slowly sheds its bark.

Natalia Kaighin



62cm x 92cm



Inter play with colours and shapes in a form of pebbles.

Jasna Karajcic

Forgotten City 2

Oil Painting

40cm x 40cm



The work is my meditation on the streets, events, nostalgia and love for the lost places and unreliable memories we all live with.

With thanks to our sponsors:

Gail Keirle

Preston River Lichen

Painting Water Colours

55cm x 72cm



Gathering leaves, lichen and small branches became part of a ritual during the many walks of contemplation, reflection and meditation along the banks of the Preston River with my Sister in Law, Irmi.

She was undergoing chemotherapy treatment at the time and I painted this in her memory, reflecting her love of our Australian bush and her exquisite attention to the surroundings of her adopted country.

John Kelly

Ray's Big Day Out

Acrylic Painting

66cm x 56cm

Not For Sale

The thought behind this picture started when I was at Hillary's Aquarium over two years ago. I watched the fish through the 'see through tunnel' swimming above me. 

I was impressed mostly with the sting rays. It then occurred to me that they could have as much fun a dolphins if they had half a chance. They had smiley faces and were extremely graceful.


For some reason I imagined sting rays flying around and through the planets.

Guundie Kuchling

B is for Bibliophilic

Oil on Canvas

100cm x 100cm



In my current work - Re: Cursive I am focusing on cultural objects in order to bridge the gap between my work as a writer and visual artist.


We are losing the haptic knowledge of cursive writing and I step into this abandoned cultural space, creating a new lexis - a playful palimpsest, rendering language strange so that it can be seen differently. Each work in this series contains cursive patterns of letters together with a single word. This inclusion of a word allows me to map and integrate multiple levels of meaning into my being and world view.

Yi-chun Kuo

The Esplanade, Scarborough

Oil Painting

40cm x 80cm

Not For Sale

Being a foreigner in Australia is a new chapter of my journey.


Australia is full of nature. I love to see the ocean, because every time I look out at the Indian Ocean, I am reminded that my home town and the new people I have met in Perth are connected, and I am so glad to be a part of it.

Vernon Lee

Walking Alone


42cm x 32cm

Not For Sale

When photographing on the streets, I do a lot of walking while looking for right moments to capture. The streets of Perth have also become very multicultural.


In Walking Alone, I hope to have captured both the positive aspects of walking and multiculturalism. We may walk alone, but are all one people.

Nigel Laxton

Ambiguous Romanticism #15

Acrylic Painting

101cm x 101cm


This painting references two distinct elements: a grey cloudy landscape (that was initially painted over the whole canvas) and my studio at Heathcote, where I have used an abstraction of the rectangular bars of light coming through the Venetian blinds behind me that was projected onto the canvas whilst I was painting.


In essence it is a self-portrait of an artist working on a landscape painting, reflecting on two different places and times.

Tina Lewis

Bright Spark

Mixed Media

90cm x 70cm


The Rose - my favourite subject to paint and draw. It really puts me in a beautiful space where I can get lost in its serenity, colour and peacefulness, not to mention its complexity and personality.

They are so carefully formed with each petal having its own value and tone.

The rose for me is a lovely challenge where time is lost and passion exposed.

Alison Little

Broome Beach

Oil Painting

50cm x 76cm


This painting is set in the area of Broome. I was on holiday there in 2009. I painted it because I absolutely love the colours in the landscape.

Suzanne Logue

Windy morning on the Coast

Acrylic on Canvas

100cm x 75cm


The 16th in the series of seascapes is an acrylic work on canvas, depicting a wind blown morning along the beach..unframed to suggest the infinite expanse of our western coastline.

Valerie Long

A Cat Named Flash

Pastel Painting


My love of all things feline moved me to paint a car portrait. The inspiration for my painting was my Grandson's beautiful cat called 'Flash'. I have however used some artistic license and added some additional white fur to provide more interest to the painting.

I hope I have captured one of the subject's more meditative moods when he is gazing out of the window dreaming of who know's what.


Penny Maddison


Water Colour Painting

95cm x 76cm


This water colour painting started with liberal splashes of colour but no firm image in my mind. It evolved from the rhythm of the brush strokes and the need for balance to create a composition.


As it became a landscape I responded by trying to make it both intriguing and familiar. A small flock of water birds were added at the end to confirm the title of Wetlands.

Laura Maka-Lisi

Fantaisa Coralli

Acrylic Painting

60cm x 60cm


My vision of the captivating splendor of a Coral reef. It is meditative and calming image of our spectacular Nature.

Donna Martin

Pieces of Me & Pieces of YOU

Mixed Media

45cm x 32cm

Not For Sale

This "D" collects precious pieces of ME and many special pieces of YOU who have given me gifts over the years. From my childhood Teddy Bear's eye, to 21st Birthday Pearls, Pink Ribboned Heart momentous of my granddaughters passing, a gold ring and greenstones of a Matriarch's passing, my daughters first Ball brooch, NZ Maori designed pieces depicting me.


NZ 2cents represents the loss of two loves connected by her earring remain present in this sense. Remnants of watches my husband’s phase. ANZACS 100 years, “Pieces of Me & Pieces of You” a “Blingy D" Thank you Kelly G.

Brian Mc Erlean

Abandoned House Swan Valley

Oil Painting

40cm x 30cm


This abandoned house sits on West Swan road and last year, when the Jacarandas were in flower, it was crying out to be painted.


It is the contrast in colours that appeals to the eye of the artist, photographer and nature lover.


Louise Mihailovic

The Spirit of the Horse

Pastels on Paper

53cm x 53cm


My inspiration was to create a different horse image to my norm. I wanted to create a representation of the spirit of the horse using less mark making.


Usually I block the whole horse in. I wanted to convey a sense of peace and calm. What I used to experience when I rode horses. The process was very soothing, with a pleasant feeling using the paint through my fingers. It was a dance of sorts with the mark making with the pastel. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and I hope you will enjoy viewing The Spirit of The Horse.

Maureen Malone

Salt Encore


84cm x 65cm


Salt Encore considers the evolving and desolate world of musicians. Technology allowed preservation and mass-distribution of their art, but now prepares to consume them. The end of human musicians approaches.

Cleared lands that feed many are being consumed by rising water tables. We clear our land of native vegetation and clear our cultural landscape of human musicians. Dry land salinity is increasing as we fiddle on the edges of action.


Hearing live music composed and played by humans will soon be a rare luxury. This young violinist may face venues as empty and bleak as this setting. 

Draza Mihailovic

Nailed It

Metal Sculpture

39cm x 39cm

Not For Sale

The idea initially started out with using a hand image then my imagination took on a form all of its own and then the idea of a nail came to me.


This piece was created from recycled pipes, shelving that I manipulated into shapes. Including using a diamond tip cutting disk. Special attention was given to the forming of the fingers and getting the angle to hold itself right.


Although it was challenging piece to create, equally rewarding and I enjoyed the process of making the piece.


Graham Mills


Oil Painting

81cm x 91cm

Not For Sale

The painting is inspired by the artist's experience of painting in a studio in Adelaide. The studio had a number of pug dogs that had free rein to roam the studio. The artist recognised the situation as an opportunity to create his own painting.

He has developed the painting and included features reminiscent of 'Venus and the Organist and a Little Dog' by Titian and 'Nude Woman with Dog' by Gustav Courbet in that there is a strong relationship between model and dog.

Harvey Mills

Irish Lass

Pencil on Paper

70cm x 100cm


A seated portrait of a young Irish woman who has settled here in Perth as a migrant.


Pip Milton

Edges and Vertices


3cm x 4cm


In geometry, a triangle is a polygon characterised by three edges and three vertices. This piece is a consideration of curves, lines and edges, and the corresponding points (vertices) that form, when two or more of the aforementioned features meet.

In the design and handcrafting of Edges and Vertices, this geometry concept is explored through the elements of colour, shape and form, as epitomised by the hollow 3D form of the pendant and the thoughtfully considered use of vitreous enamel to create depth and texture

Karen Morton

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, Exmouth


56cm x 73cm


This painting showcases the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, overlooking the ocean in Exmouth, Western Australia.


Norma Murphy

Bush Tapestry

Oils/Acrylic Painting

100cm x 80cm


My inspiration comes from a period of time when I lived in the Goldfields. I was constantly fascinated by the beautiful polished gum trees that abound in that area.

This particular painting tries to illustrate the structure, texture and colour of the trees in dappled sunlight. This is my interpretation of what I have seen and felt about this landscape. 

Lurlene Murray

Four Shades of Pink & Grey

Mixed Media

76cm x 76cm


This is a painting of the first advances of a young male galah to a female galah, before the pairing off for the winter season.
There are similarities of a nervous teenage lad making a careful and heartfelt approach to a girl. His urging friends are in the background.

This work consists of acrylic paint, acrylic ink, pouring medium and structure medium.


Winsome Myers

Here Comes a Winner

Acrylic Painting

43cm x 34cm


I was so entranced by the atmosphere and the variety of of fascinating people milling around the winners circle on a race day I attended earlier this year.


I wanted to capture this feeling and the variety of emotions and behaviours within the crowd. Even the sense of anticipation!

Karen Noyce

Sweet Spot

Acrylic Painting

100cm x 75cm


Humming birds represent all that's good in life. Sometimes we need to take time out of our day to taste the nectar.

Matt O'Dell

Daddy's Girl

Marker Pen Drawing

44cm x 34cm

Not For Sale

The entry I chose to submit is the love of my life, my Daughter Misha. I have done many of her in different mediums, pastel, charcoal and pencil, this one I present is done with Copic markers and Prismacolour pencils. 


It was a day of strawberry picking in Bullsbrook, a nice sunny day, I hope you enjoy it.

Rosie Oneill



55cm x 44cm x 44cm


Mollie appeared to me one night in a dream so when I woke up I decided to make her a reality. Much love, sweat, tears and chocolate have gone in to this art piece and probably a few trees so I really am hoping for good feedback from the public.

This is honestly my best work yet and I truly can say I am proud of her.

Trevor O'Sullivan

Green Ghost

Acrylic Painting

90cm x 60cm


My favourite tree is the Ghost Gum. I love their smoothness as the bark detaches from itself and the colours that ooze through. Normally quite grey or pale I have re-imagined this one as a green gum.

Victoria Partington

Sheep May Safely Graze

Acrylic Painting

50cm x 50cm


Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cantata, Sheep May Safely Graze, is one of my favourite piano pieces. One delightful morning, I was walking along our fire break collecting pine cones, I encountered this peaceful scene on our neighbour’s property.


I felt I could hear Bach’s Cantata, not through my ears but through my eyes. I couldn’t resist capturing this beautiful moment on canvas as my last work this autumn. This moment is filled with joy and sunshine, and is blessed with nature’s endless beauty

Gianna Paulton

Water Lillies

Acrylic on Canvas

50cm x 60cm


This painting of waxy water lillies resting on partly submerged overlapping leaves was executed using a combination of multiple layers of washes and pouring techniques

Clinton Price



22cm x 27cm


Gum is inspired by my many walks in nature and the bush that surrounds us. The land may at times be dry and harsh. Though out of this stands tall and proud many gum trees.

Alisa Petrus


Water Colour Painting

40cm x 35cm

Not For Sale

Marcelle Riley





Tulleah Roads

Cat in Blue

Watercolour Painting

44cm x 62cm

Not For Sale

Cat in Blue was inspired by a photo i took of my own cat gazing out the window.

Chris Partridge

Lord St Ramp

Acrylic on Paper

52cm x 72cm



I pass this old loading bay often and thought it would make an interesting subject.

I have tried to capture the dilapidated state and the play of the light.

Jackie Peach

Summer's Nearly Over

Acrylic Painting

91cm x 76cm


Summer's Nearly Over was inspired by the wistful memory of my favourite season of summer fading to autumn. As this painting was developing I was remembering how the colours of the ocean begin to darken, the salty sea breeze grows cooler, mistier and even the sand has a different feel under bare feet. 

I grew up by the beach and have many wonderful memories to pour onto the canvas. Sometimes as I’m completing a painting I’m already dreaming of my next.

Colin Pumphrey

Railway Lamp

Water Colour

70cm x 50cm


This water color sketch is of an 1898 NSW Railway Lamp used in the offices and signal boxes through out Australia for many decades.


The lamp used kerosene to power the light.

Gavin Richards

Chittering Valley

Oil on Canvas

70cm x 80cm


While taking a leisurely drive through the Chittering area I came across a group of trees either side of a gravel driveway, leading the eye to an area through the trees bathed in beautiful sunshine.

I felt I captured the essence of the Australian bush.

Jaxon Roberts

Edge of the World

Photography/Digital Art

42cm x 60cm


I took this photo using a drone in Meelup on the south coast of Western Australia. I then did some photo manipulation to transform the image into a variation of digital art that captures the eye and looks real.

Galina Romalis

Parade of Sail


50cm x 70cm


Parade of Sail is always a highlight of Australian Wooden Boats Festivals held every second year in Hobart, Tasmania.


In this photo a brigantine Windeward Bound is leading the parade followed by flotilla of other ships including James Craig, Young Endeavour, Tenacious and plenty of smaller vessels.

Gillian Roulston

…And The Rain Tumbles Down

Mixed Media

76cm x 51cm


After a long dry season everyone - be they farmers, town folk or city folk - love the first rains. It washes the dust off all the buildings, trees, wild animals, flowers etc. And the smell of the rain - petrichor - is so fresh.


So from that came my painting . . . And the Rain Tumbles Down

Carol Scott Richards

Baroque Dream

Pastels on Paper

100cm x 90cm


I chose this piece of artwork as it portrays my love of figure work, soft tones with this unusual subject of Baroque in a striking manner.

Indi Shailes

Tools of the Trade

Sculpture (ceramics)

30cm x 30cm

Not For Sale

I wanted to create an artwork that glorified the tools that we so often use to create our masterpieces. These tools are in a constant state of movement, they are sturdy and hard wearing. They are all too often a means to an end. This piece is about recognising the beauty in the tools. So I made them my masterpiece

With thanks to our sponsors:

Josie Slater


Pencil on Paper

96cm x 66cm


Cycle is based on my continued desire to explore the contrast of organic and geometric shapes and how the two can work in harmony, soft flowing lines against harsh dark straight angles to create unity with variety. 

The title is supposed to encapsulate some of the themes I was considering whilst drawing this piece, the cycle of life and how we evolve as individuals and as a society, a woman's cycle and how they are all intertwined under the cycle of nature.

Dale Smith

Golden Pipeline

Oil on Canvas

66cm x 30cm


Travelling to Kalgoorlie I was enthralled with this beautiful sky providing a backdrop to the Perth to Kalgoorlie pipeline. This painting expresses the life force of the pipeline and the seldom seen rain falling in the desert near Southern Cross.


I chose to paint on a small canvas so as not to lose the pipeline within a huge landscape. The colours are representative of the area with the setting sun providing golden highlights on the landscape.


A golden moment that I have finally put on canvas.

Helen Spencer

Gaia's Island

Mixed Media Painting

91cm x 61cm


The inspiration for this painting comes from the beautiful images photographed from the Earth by Bernard Edmaier in his book, Earthsong. His photographs capture the beauty of the Earth's landscapes where, untouched by human influence, natural phenomena such as volcanoes, glaciers, coral reefs and other natural occurrences shape our world in an ever changing cycle of life.

I have tried to capture in my painting the wondrous beauty created by Mother Nature on a volcanic island surrounded by the sea.


Ann Steer

Sunny Days Rottnest

Pastel Painting

60cm x 100cm


Rottnest is such an iconic place, many people travel there to unwind year after year with their families.

I love to paint this majestic place and the viewer instantly recognizes the location.

Abigal Stoney

Sunset at the beach

Oil Painting

45cm x 60cm


Sunset at the beach was created because of my love of peaceful landscapes.