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7 July – 13 August



Martine Perret

Transference is part of Perret’s continuing

collaboration and consultation with Indigenous Elders from the Goldfields and the Southwest of Western Australia which investigates the universal idea that everything is connected, and how the memory of the land intrinsically passes through and between us.

In Transference, I began a collaboration with Tjupan speaker, Nikola Sophena (Minigootha) Ulrich from Kalgoorlie. The photographic journey with Nikki’s family started in 2015 as part of my project Ngala Wongga (Come Talk), a collaboration with her grandmother, Mrs Sceghi, and her mother, Edie, both of Tjupan heritage. The ongoing visual work around Transference is a natural flow on, which follows the intergenerational sharing of stories, knowledge and culture.

Martine Perret

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