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Starship Cruising

21 January - 28 February


Artists Involved

Oliver-Max Taylor


Gemma Ben-Ary


Sean Breadsell

Visual Art & Film Award Laurel - Black - PNG.jpeg

Starship Cruising is a comical and joyful delve into a

galaxy far, far away where a kitschy collection of extra-
terrestrials share in community and self-discovery. It is

an unapologetic embrace of gay intimacy and identity,
and of the weird and wonderful that resides in all of
us. May fellow aliens feel at home in zero gravity where
space cowboys ride, asteroids collide, where you’re
free to find pride in never fitting in because nothing
is holding you down anymore.


So no matter where you’ve been or where you intend to go, we hope you choose to get there via flying saucer – because there’s no shame in being a bit out of this world.

Oliver-Max Taylor is a mixed-media artist and
photographer living and working on Noongar Boodja,
aka Perth. Taylor graduated from North Metropolitan
TAFE with a Diploma of Visual Arts and has since gone
on to both curate and exhibit. In 2019 he was the
recipient of a Nexus Arts Grant which culminated with his
debut solo exhibition – ‘Limp Wristed’. He is currently a
studio artist at DADAA and working towards a bachelor’s
degree in psychology. Taylor’s work is centred around
themes of sexuality, gender, and nonconformity, and is
influenced by his experiences of social and emotional
isolation throughout his life.

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