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Banksias Under Snow

1 May - 31 May


Featured Artists

Leah Barclay

Ryan Burge

Jameson Feakes 

Cat Hope 

Terri Hron

Alice Humphries 

Kirsten Hudson

Samuel Gillies

Josten Myburgh

Elisabeth Schimana

Rebecca Erin Smith 

Vanessa Tomlinson 

Sze Tsang 

Lindsay Vickery

Jocelyn Wolfe

Aaron Wyatt



Lindsay Vicker


Rebecca Erin

"The dual heritage of Acoustic Ecology and experimental music—in foregrounding our aural perception of the Earth—seems more urgent than ever.”

David Dunn (2008)


An exhibition exploring the sounds and shapes of nature through a series of recent works by Western Australian and international composers. Nine composers have created works interacting with field recordings, organic, visual and tactile forms of the environment though video, graphical and sculptural scores for the Western Australian music ensemble GreyWing.


The works examine methods of interaction between “real” geological and biological structures found in the natural world and their “artificial” depiction and performance in the gallery. They search for ways in which “foregrounding our aural perception of the Earth” can positively contribute as a small shelter against the dissonance between human society and the natural world. The exhibition with be supported by a workshop “Notation the environment” exploring interaction between live performers and field recordings and  a performance of the exhibited scores by GreyWIng Ensmeble.


Featuring work by: Terri Hron (CA), Jameson Feakes, (electric guitar) and Josten Myburgh (electronics), etc.


GreyWing Ensemble is: Kirsten Smith (flute), Lindsay Vickery, (clarinet), Catherine Ashley, (harp), and Jameson Feakes, (electric guitar

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