Lust for Lustre

Andrew Nicholls, Angela Stewart, Bethamy Linton, Carla Adams, Erin Coates, Eva Fernandez, Gemma Ben-Ary, Jody Quackenbush, Katrina Virgona, Lee Harrop, Mandy Harwood, Mel Dare, Natalie Williamson, Olga Cironis, Pam Jones, Paula Cristofanini, Rizzy, Robert Andrew, Ryck Rudd, Susan Flavell, Tane Andrews, Tania Visosevic.

The pearl is a gem of folklore that has cast its spell upon many throughout history, its nacreous beauty inspiring stories and myths with myriad meanings, and interpreted by artists throughout the ages. This exhibition investigates our fascination for the pearl, offering a juicy selection of freshly shucked artworks, each created by a Western Australian visual artist.

Curated by Gemma Ben-Ary and Rizzy