Ann Sorensen and Jill Yelland: Desert to Sea

Established glass artists, Anne Sorensen and Jill Yelland, present a series of new glass sculptural pieces inspired by the beauty of the West Australian landscape, from the red dust of the outback to the rugged blue coastline. Each piece is unique and reflects the spirit of our land through the fascinating medium of glass.

Anne Sorensen was born in Hobart, Tasmania and is now based in Bouvard, Western Australia, and has a background in working with glass in a variety of ways having gathered her education in a series of workshops in New Zealand, the University of South Australia and Canberra. She has exhibited widely including several prestigious art awards including the Minnawarra Prize in 2012-13.

Her pieces are elegant and filled with delicate light and movement. As the light moves through the gallery day by day, I have enjoyed seeing them changed in the various different qualities of light and shade that have fallen through the window.

Jill Yelland, based in her studio, Design Mergers, Belmont, was named Business Person of the Year at the Belmont Small Business Enterprise Awards in 2007. Like Anne, she has travelled extensively in Australia, but has been especially influenced by her time spent in the North West and Kimberleys region of Western Australia. Jill’s work appears in many collections and she has been commissioned by major corporations, BHP Billiton, Woodside Energy and the Water Corporation to name a few. Her colour palette is bold and rich, seams of gold in it and are a reflection of the time she has spent in the north.

The contrast between these two artist’s work is what makes this exhibition interesting. Each piece is a celebration of our beautiful landscape and the seasons within it.

Hence the title – Desert to Sea.