Artonomy: 14 Degrees of Separation

Artonomy are an eclectic, informal collective of artists, born from the ashes of the Environmental Arts course at Midland TAFE, and meeting on a regular basis to exchange ideas.

The exhibition features a mix of artworks that were created as a response to another artwork; there is a sense of a conversation in the gallery, with one work informing the next. Each artist was required to interpret an artwork, to extract meaning, and produce a response - and the interpretation of each makes for an intriguing journey around the gallery, as the viewer can begin to unravel the visual relationships between the artworks.

Here are some pics from the opening event, held on Thursday, 3 May, it was a fabulous event, and we'd like to congratulate the artists: Angela Leaney, Beverley Iles, Criss Sullivan, Cynthia Payne, Denise Pepper, Gabrielle Hart, Georgina Moss, Gregor Hart, Jenelle Melville, Lyn Bindley, Peter Dailey, Tami Esancy, Tracey Hart, Vernon Durling.

The exhibition is open until May 31st, 2018.