Life Drawing Workshops

We are excited to announce a two-part life drawing workshop with male and female models lead by renowned artist Peter Efford; well known for his instructional work around life drawing.

For 30 years he was a Senior Lecturer in the Curtin University School of Design where he developed progressive methods for students to become proficient at Figure Drawing. Later in 2002 he instigated the MJAC life drawing group and is a co-founder of the highly successful Figure Arts Bassendean group which operates from the Bassesdean Community Hall.

He also has a studio at Pondok Saraswati near Ubud in Bali where for many years he has been taking Artists and students to work with figure and portrait study. For more information about Peter go to

When: Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November 2017 from 9am-12pm each day.

Where: The Grapevine Community Arts Space

Cost: $50 including all materials (excluding notebook and camera - see below)


Session one - Saturday 18th November

Why we draw.

Understanding human proportion.

Measuring the body accurately, using a process of organic proportion we can readily identify some very easy ways to guarantee that we always get correct proportion and body structure. [Male model]

We will also look at proportion techniques for difficult poses and proportion and anatomy of the head and face.

Mediums: A2 paper and board, Charcoal or 2B Conte. Notebook and camera.

Session two - Sunday 19th November

Female proportion and understanding the character of the pose. Exploring the swing and mood of the body. Freeing up your drawing style through checking out posture and your own body's relationship with the page. [Female model]

Mediums, A1/A2 paper and board, easel, charcoal or 2B Conte, Pastels or other solid mark making implements, avoid pencils. Notebook and camera.

We will also informally cover topics such as:

Putting it all together Tricks of the trade Moving away from line Motivating the page Intensifying the image and mood through use of scale and colour The power of the gaze Analysis and evaluating your drawing Summing up what you want to achieve and getting it done! Show and tell