Art Award 2021

Ellenbrook - Swan Art Award 2021
17 July - 19 August 2021
Image: Black Swan, 2020, Erin Knight

The Ellenbrook Art Award is a non-acquisitive prize, open to all Western Australian artists and with a particular focus on Ellenbrook and its surrounds, it was inaugurated in 2015 and is now in its seventh year.
The aim of the award is to promote, nurture and cultivate excellence in the visual arts to the Ellenbrook community, and allow members of Ellenbrook Arts to participate or become involved in various ways.
This year there are over eighty artworks on display and about half of these are from Ellenbrook or the City of Swan.
Visitors can vote in the People’s Choice Award, where they can vote for their favourite piece and go into the draw to win a $100 voucher courtesy of Lamonts in the Swan Valley. This prize was announced at the end of the exhibition in late August.


The Overall Ellenbrook-Swan Art Prize was awarded to Eve Wolf for Pilings.

“This artist is to be applauded for taking something which is unremarkable, and turning it into something sublime, charging it up with facets of beauty and industry. When seen from far away it appears as a simple and straight forward image, and close up, it becomes a detailed abstraction, evocative of a tapestry.”
City of Swan Award

John B Whitehead, for Memories.

Awarded to the best work by a resident of the City of Swan

“An engaging work of parallel themes; that of the current inability of international travel and that of a need to establish a register of past travels. This nostalgia of the personal is counter pointed with the visceral other side of the exotic, the jointed elephant puppet, parading rhino, et al, are punctuated with the pinned oblique image of random death.”
Highly commended

The Highly Commended goes to Norma Schwind for The Waiting Room.

“For presenting a simple, balanced image, which upon reflection causes the viewer to acknowledge the notion of the incongruity with the amount of eggs in the unattended nest. The camera, an agent of truth in this instance, asks more questions than it answers.”


Bianca Butler for Forage

“This work is a sublimely metaphoric essay on the virtue of sustainability wherein the idealised environment in which the sheep thrives, is reaffirmed by defining it with the fleece of the sheep.”

Kat Ferguson for I Love Me.

“This layered abstract is joyous and vibrant. The judges appreciated the bold use of complimentary colour and the dynamism of the composition.”
Works on Paper

Amy Marshal for Thunderstruck.

“Awarded for a striking, fun image. The artist has struck a balance between the detailed and unresolved to create a highly engaging composition.”

Mixed Media

Josephine Duval for Cottesloe Colours.

“For capturing an iconic Perth scene in a joyful, experimental and textural form.”

Dan Robinson for Café Break.

“For mastering the light, capturing the banal and incorporating both humour and drama in the image.”


Nicola Cowie for Three for Tea in Colour.

“The award for printmaking is for a beautifully executed lino-cut with local flora and fauna references. The whimsical subject has been exquisitely treated with colour, resulting in a rich image that expresses the best of the media.”
Wulff Glass Award:

Phillip Maher for Static Falls

“There is a beautifully established sense of balance wherein the dense mass of virtual liquid is juxtaposed with the suspending translucent membranes; the rich formal composition suggesting a deeper, mysterious narrative.”

Youth Award

Ellie Sutherland for Willows

“An excellent sense of experimentation with shadow, framing and colour.”

The Ellenbrook-Swan Art Award is sponsored by The City of Swan, Jessica Shaw MLA, Metropolitan Picture Framers, The LWP Property Group, Ellenbrook Management, Torrent Wines, Guerilla Hub, Berry Sweet, Carbon Group, Lamonts Restaurant, Ellenbrook Central, HKY Real Estate, Fox Lab, and Jacksons Drawing Supplies.

The Judges this year were Polla Posevec, ECF Board Member and Visual Artist, Stuart Elliott, Painter, sculptor, lecturer, curator and writer, and Danielle Fusco, Freelance Curator and Photographer.

People's Choice

John Ned Kelly for Morning Brew

Power in Numbers




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