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John Ned Kelly

Studio address: 26 Lago Promenade, Aveley 

website: www.johnnedkelly.com.au

Facebook: @nedjohnkelly

Instagram: @nedjohnkelly

Originally from Quairading, John was known as the class artist which suited him, because he liked the attention and it took the emphasis off other subjects such as spelling.

After leaving school, he painted on and off as time and circumstances allowed, for a while painting in watercolor, "with a lot of spit - because it thickened up the paint." John had long periods in which he didn't paint, and began painting seriously with the Ellenbrook Art Group under the tutelage of Roy Davies, who encouraged John and re-ignited his love of painting. John is now retired and his medium of choice is acrylic, (no spit required), on canvas.


John's Stockman's Series is truly unique, and well worth a look. This series, as well as many other works, are available from his Ellenbrook studio.

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Jay Lassey

Studio address: Ellenbrook Arts HQ, 34 Main Street, Ellenbrook



043 891 8595


Jay works with all sorts of artforms including music, and is greatly inspired by the cheerful honesty of folk art, having picked this style up along the way when she was a young mother. Jay is a multimedia artist who likes trying new media, because she enjoys the process of learning, and she also loves breaking the rules sometimes!


Working with all kinds of materials including ceramics, pottery, china painting, wood burning, print making, silk dying, tie dye, stained glass and "anything else I can get my hands on", Jay is a true creative.


Although Jay and her hubby created a home that is full of art, with a quirky garden, a piano in the front yard, a mosaic letterbox, and many fun and colourful things surrounding them, for this year's Open Studios Jay is an Artist in Residence at Ellenbrook Arts HQ.


You can find her working from her studio space there, and it is bursting with colour and energy.

Jay is also conducting art therapy workshops and is the recipient of a City of Swan Community Grant.

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Lee Potter

Studio address: 2 Ford Street, Woodbridge

E:          leepotter1@iinet.net.au

P:          0411734328

FB:        Lee Potter ARTIST

INSTA : @leepotterartist 

W:         www.leepotterartist.com

Lee Potter is a self taught steel artist who has been sculpting metal for over three decades.

Originally a Plumber, Lee discovered he had a flair and love of creating art with metal.

His work encompasses sculpture, intricate pieces of furniture and organic copper water sculptures.

Each work is closely tied to the source of it’s materials, telling the story of origin, locale and ecological identity.

Lee’s art depicts growth and change that takes place through reflection and time nature.

Both Lee and artist Sharon Peterkin live in the beautiful precinct of Woodbridge and have a very creative property to visit.

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Sharon Peterkin

Studio address: 2 Ford Street, Woodbridge

M:    0412316831

E:     hello@sharonpeterkin.com.au

W:    www.sharonpeterkin.com.au

FB:   sharonpeterkinARTIST

IN :   sharonpeterkinARTIST

Sharon Peterkin is a visual artist who enjoys dabbling in many different mediums….ceramics, jewellery, sculpture and painting.

These days she would describe herself more as a painter.


She majored in Ceramics at Curtin and began her arts practise in 1990.

Sharon lives and works with her Steel artist husband, Lee Potter in the quaint historic precinct of Woodbridge.


Her favourite subject to paint are figures, particularly woman and her quirky, whimsical style has attracted collectors from

All over the world.

Lately she has been involved in many large scale murals and they have been popping up all over Perth.


You are warmly invited to visit Sharon's home and studio and see many examples of past and present works.

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Susan Robinson

Studio address: 51 Demesne Circuit, Aveley


M: 043 212 5620


Susan's work is an emotional response to the world around her. She says, "It is one of the ways I understand and process things. I see every new canvas like a new day anticipating what it might become. Most of my paintings are taken from nature and things that surround me."


Susan's chosen media is oils, she loves the buttery texture and the ability to scrape off, to reveal colours underneath. She paints landscapes, portraits, seascapes and animal portraits.


She is a versatile artist and is able to paint most things, and has had many unusual requests from clients. Most of her experience come from commissioned works, and she is open to discussing commissions.

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Leanne van Heerwaarden

Studio address: 20 Henley Brook Ave 

M: 0410 064 222

E: Lvanheerwaarden@gmail.com



Leanne is a local piano teacher, composer and musician who loves all things creative. Over the years she has dabbled in imaginative visual pieces but is generally more comfortable composing with musical elements. Recently she has improvised her way down this new path of piano part art, deconstructing old pianos destined for the tip, and reconstructing them into unique visual art works. She has enjoyed the creative process and hopes you enjoy the ‘silent music’.

On display will be sculptures, wall hangings, 3d art works, desks and floral arrangements, all made from recycled piano parts and other 2nd hand sourced objects. 

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Renata Wright

Studio address: Ellenbrook Arts HQ, 34 Main Street, Ellenbrook


facebook: Renata Wright Art

0450 524 229


Renata's early art influence includes being fascinated by pictures in books about our “insect and bug world”. She had several story books about little creatures that live in the garden – spiders, beetles, ants and butterflies making homes in mushrooms, and having conversations with one another. She says, "It was a lovely fantasy world to live in."

Although Renata changed jobs throughout the following years, she was always studying art in one form or another in the evenings, on weekends, and during holidays. She started painting with oil paints, then learned pottery, and finally in 1988 she discovered the wonderful world of watercolour! With this new medium she painted landscapes, animals, people and still life.

Renata began teaching watercolour classes in 1995 and has been teaching ever since. She finds that teaching is a rewarding experience, showing students what she knows, and watching them develop their own skills.

In 2014 Renata re-connected with her fascination for the “little world”, especially spiders. She started to put small spiders into her paintings for people to find. Then she moved on to just painting spiders on their own. She says she discovered that there are more arachnids in the world than just redback and tarantulas, "there are orb spiders, jumping spiders, crab spiders, peacock spiders, and … the list goes on. They each have their own personalities, just like humans, and they each live differently, eat differently and even mate differently! I love learning about them and I’m enjoying the spider community I’ve connected with on social media too."

Renata is also an Artist in Residence at Ellenbrook Arts during Open Studios, is the recipient of a City of Swan Community Grant, and she has a huge range of watercolour works on display as well as workshops.

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Henley Brook

Jennie Merritt

Studio address: 10 Eriskay Terrace, Henley Brook

Jennie is a full time, lampwork glass artist and has been working with glass since 2009. A self-taught artist, learning from books and the internet, she works with wire, metals and mixed media to complement her flame worked glass components.

Jennie continues to evolve as an artist. From making jewellery, beads and small scale production work, she is now exploring the possibilities of using her glass components to make larger wall hanging pieces. She is particularly drawn to botanicals and quirky sculptures and has developed a signature style of melting glass onto wire and steel rod to use in her pieces. 

Website: www.jenniemerritt.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jenniemerrittartist


Instagram: www.instagram.com/jenniemerritt


Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/jenniejmerritt


Email: jenniemerrittdesigns@gmail.com


Phone: 0415 049 330

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Henley Brook

Sue Findlay

Studio address: 10 Eriskay Terrace, Henley Brook

M: 0400 591 452

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suefindlayart

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suefindlayartist/

Website: https://suefindlayart.com

Sue Findlay is a self-taught visual artist and has received two Highly Commended Awards at the Ellenbrook Art Awards in 2017 and 2018 and won the Peoples Choice Award at Kalgoorlie Art Awards in 2019. Her passion for art began in her early years; all she ever wanted to be was an artist. For thirty years, Sue has made a career of being a graphic artist in the print and design industry and had put her fine art on the back burner while raising two children. In 2015, Sue picked up her pencils for the first time, picked up where she left off and is now proud to call herself a full-time artist.


Sue loves the challenge of painting and drawing feathers and fur, and her latest collection is an exploration of colour and form.


She is currently experimenting with combining watercolour and scratchboard to achieve greater detail in her work. She also experiments with other media, such as resin, polymer clay and cement, and enjoys upcycling and repurposing items to give them a new look.

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Katherine C Fergusen

Studio address: The Artists Nook, Ethel Street Courtyard, 175 James St, Guildford






"Since emigrating to Australia over eleven years ago I have been lucky enough to work with many artists and have been working full-time in my own arts practice since 2017."


Kat's work has evolved since leaving art college in 1995, and her bright abstract pieces are a reflection of her life, personality and the world in which she lives.


She uses both acrylic and oils paints and loves to add final touches with chalk or oil pastels. Kat's work is a multi-layered movement of colour, and creates large, impactful feature pieces.

Kat recently won the Award for Painting in the Ellenbrook-Swan Art Award, 2021, and her winning artwork is on display in this exhibition throughout August, with many more pieces to be seen at her studio in Guildford.

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Whiteman Park

Michael Rice

Studio address: Village Art Gallery, Building 5 at Whiteman Park.  



Michael's studio is located in the Whiteman Park artist's village. His practice is primarily about experimenting in the gallery and studio with everyday objects, color, form and shadow, in two and three dimensions. His mixed media works are bright, fun, and playful.

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Herne Hill 

Helen Dundo

Studio address: 124 Lennard Street Herne Hill 6056 WA




0417 975 524

Helen has lived in the Swan Valley for many years and has been a member of Whiteman Park Pottery and Guildford Village Pottery. She now has a small cellar door in the Swan Settlers Market and has her pottery for sale there, and looks forward to being part of Open Studios so that she can share her work with others.

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Behzad Alipour

Studio address: 15 Bullfinch Way, Ballajura




M: 0449166899

Behzad Alipour was born in Iran in 1986 and has lived in Western Australia since 2007.

Behzad studied the traditional style of the old masters at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and Sweden during the summers of 2013 and 2016. He attained Graduate Certificate in Design and Art in 2017 from Curtin University in WA.

Behzad’s art is very personal. It often involves themes that some may find uncomfortable. It is a form of exploration of existential anxieties and enquiries towards transience and memory.

Lately, Behzad has been exploring the relationship between individuals and their autobiographical objects, particularly those personal effects that they have held close since childhood. He believes a specific object can hold a link to memories to a particular time, place and personal experiences.

Behzad’s research reaches beyond just relating to childhood memories but also the interconnection of memory with feelings related to existential anxieties and personal identity.

Behzad is based in his Perth studio, and he currently conducts art workshops and painting demonstrations. 

Tina Klare Artist Photo 01.jpeg
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Tina Klare

Studio address: 15 Bullfinch Way, Ballajura







Tina Klare was born in Germany in 1991, and she is a Perth based artist since 2014. Tina primarily works in pastels and body art (face and body painting). Tina is passionate about sharing the art of transformation, whether on paper, canvas, or the human body. Regardless of the medium, Tina aims to leave a lasting emotional impression on her audience.


Tina’s current body of work explores capturing an animal’s soul and likeness in soft pastels.

jc pic.jpeg


    John Cox

    Studio address: 20 Waterview Grove, Ellenbrook


    John has been an artist, graphic designer and photographer for over fifty years.

    Life, the human spirit and social and environmental issues inspire him, and he says "I enjoy developing new styles and experimenting with different mediums. My art pieces are varied and at times confronting, and I make no apologies for my creativity."

    John's work is on display in his home studio in Ellenbrook and there is also a piece in the Ellenbrook-Swan Art Award, on display in the Ellenbrook Gallery during August.

    Cara Baldwin studio photo.jpg
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    Cara Baldwin

    Studio: 34 Main St, Ellenbrook

    Lollipop of Love Designs is a range of unique screen printed fashion and homewares produced by upcoming teen artist and designer, Cara. Her colourful designs are inspired by her love for animals and her choice of materials is shaped by her vegetarian values. In December 2020, Cara was awarded the Robert Juniper Award for the Arts.

    Facebook - @LollipopofLoveDesigns


    Insta - @LollipopofLoveDesigns


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    Studio address: 96 Rossini Circle, Ellenbrook


    Instagram: @hayleykrugerartist

    Facebook: @hayleykrugerartist

    Hayley is a full time acrylic artist with a passion for all things botanical. Inspired by the strength and architectural form of native Australian plants, she paints with bold colours and shapes, negotiating the enjoyable task of capturing light on form.

    Working in acrylics, her work is an honest, emotional response to the beauty she sees in the natural world.

    IMG_5204 copy.jpeg
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    Studio address: 18 Waterview Grove, Ellenbrook



    Instagram@ marie_hammat


    After teaching art for many years, Marie enjoys exploring texture and colour through mixed media.

    Her subject matter explores the natural environment including landscapes, flora and fauna and natural occurrences.


    In her studio she uses a range of media, including textiles, oil, acrylic, paper, recycled materials, frescos, boards and canvas.

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    The Vines

    Studio Address: 17 Traviata Crescent, The Vines

    Wheelchair access: YES.

    Email: christinejohnson201@gmail.com
    Mobile number: 0411664028

    Social Media links:



    Christine’s artistic journey began while growing up in England, where she produced stage backdrops for school performances, and was commissioned to paint several murals for the Dungeon night club, known for its introduction of  live 60's bands.


    Her intention was to go to art school, although life took a different turn upon arrival in Australia. Her longing for artistic expression never died, and inevitably she returned to her first love and passion; art.

    Christine is a self-taught multimedia artist.


    Colour and light is reflected in Christine’s work as vivid interpretations of what she sees around her.

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    Studio address The Artists Nook, Ethel Street Courtyard, 175 James Street, Guildford 6055




    Nicola is a multi award-winning visual artist with an Honours Degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Grays School of Art, Robert Gordon’s University.

    In her arts practice she works printmaking and painting, while exploring the local landscape around her property in the Avon Valley. As a figurative artist she works from studies of flora and fauna, specifically birds and wildflowers.

    Her work is contemporary using varied media in a figurative manner employing watercolour, ink drawing and linocut practices, with a hint of Art Noveau.


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    Studio address: Orinoco+ Bungo, 175 James St, Guilford (entrance via rear courtyard on Ethel Street)

    Instagram: @jayheathercreative  

    Website: www.orinocoandbungo.com

    Jay is a Perth based visual artist producing bold pop art style paintings that are
    dramatic and very vibrant. She paints mainly with acrylic paint creating figures and
    forms using unblended brush strokes and abstract texture with her paint resulting in
    a patchwork of tones, highlights, and shadows. She prefers layering paint swiftly and
    boldly and is inspired by abstraction, so uses less blending techniques and
    intentional palettes that are any colour other than skin tone.


    Faces and their emotions capture her attention as every face is unique and behind each of her paintings lies a story be told. Portraiture is prominent in her portfolio, but she also likes to explore a variety of subject matter in her work. She paints whatever inspires her on the day.

    You can find her artwork for sale on her website www.orinocoandbungo.com and on
    her Instagram @jayheathercreative