Ellenbrook Swan Open Studios

Open Studios are a wonderful way to meet artists, get a glimpse of work in progress, understand where inspiration strikes, and get a chance to view, discuss and purchase art direct from the artist.

Get to know your local artists!


Henley Brook

Jay Lassey

18 Baluchi Way, Henley Brook


043 891 8595


I love all sorts of art, music and creativity, and am greatly inspired by the cheerful honesty of folk art, having picked this style up along the way when I was a young mother. I am a multimedia artist who likes trying new and exciting mediums and projects, I enjoy the actual learning, and love breaking the rules. I work with all kinds of materials including ceramics, pottery, china painting, wood burning, print making, silk dying, tie dye, stained glass and anything else I can get my hands on.This is true creativity. My hubby and I have created a home that is full of art, with a quirky garden, a piano in the front yard, a mosaic letterbox, and many fun and colourful things surrounding us.

Dappled Path-1.jpg


Susan Robinson

51 Demesne Circuit,


043 212 5620


I am an oil painter. I paint landscapes, flora, fauna, portraits.



Leanne van Heerwaarden

20 Henley Brook Ave
Ellenbrook Western Australia 6069

0410 064 222




Piano deconstruction and reconstruction into works of art. I have recently wandered down this new path and would love to showcase this exciting art form.



G Roger Ott


54 Charlottes Vista, Ellenbrook

Roger was born in Stuttgart / Germany in 1943 but has lived in Australia since 1993.
Working in oils, he made his first picture for his grandmother at 6 years of age. He continued to paint, on and off over the years when he had time, mostly for relaxation.
Since his retirement he has focussed more and more on his art, developing a more abstract style and drawing on his love of the Australian landscape for inspiration.



Ellenbrook Social Art Group

Geoff Lucey, Di Steedman, Dale Smith, Sue Fuller, Allan Darby and Jan Yates

The Grapevine Community Arts Centre, 1 Arrowsmith Ave, Ellenbrook


0413 505 476

Ellenbrook Social Art Group is a casual group of adult artists who get together for a morning of painting.  This group is open to anyone to come along and join us. Tea and Coffee are provided. Bring your own painting requirements and paint your own project. Some lessons and advice are given by the more experienced artists. The group welcomes everyone whether you are a beginner or experienced and just want to paint with others in a pleasant and relaxed environment. 

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Henley Brook

Sue Findlay

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suefindlayart

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/suefindlayartist/

Website: https://suefindlayart.com


10 Eriskay Terrace

Henley Brook

WA 6055


Tel: 0400 591 452

Sue Findlay is a self-taught visual artist and has received two Highly Commended Awards at the Ellenbrook Art Awards in 2017 and 2018 and won the Peoples Choice Award at Kalgoorlie Art Awards in 2019. Her passion for art began in her early years; all she ever wanted to be was an artist. For 30 years, Sue has made a career of being a graphic artist in the print and design industry and had put her fine art on the back burner while raising two children. In 2015, Sue picked up her pencils for the first time, picked up where she left off and is now proud to call herself a full-time artist.


Artist Statement

I am a full-time wildlife artist who loves the challenge of painting and drawing feathers and fur. My latest collection is an exploration of colour and form. I am currently experimenting with combining watercolour and scratchboard to achieve greater detail in my work.

I also like to play with other mediums, like resin, polymer clay, and cement, in my spare time. I particularly love to upcycle and repurpose items to give them a new look. During the open studios, you can see some of the projects I have been creating.



Behzad Alipour

Social Media




Tel: 0449166899

Behzad Alipour was born in Iranian in 1986 and has lived in Western Australia since 2007.

Behzad studied the traditional style of the old masters at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and Sweden during the summers of 2013 and 2016. He attained Graduate Certificate in Design and Art in 2017 from Curtin University in WA.

Behzad’s art is very personal. It often involves themes that some may find uncomfortable. It is a form of exploration of existential anxieties and enquiries towards transience and memory.

Lately, Behzad has been exploring the relationship between individuals and their autobiographical objects, particularly those personal effects that they have held close since childhood. 
He believes a specific object can hold a link to memories to a particular time, place and personal experiences.

Behzad’s research reaches beyond just relating to childhood memories but also the interconnection of memory with feelings related to existential anxieties and personal identity.

Behzad is based in his Perth studio, and he currently conducts art workshops and painting demonstrations. 



Renata Wright


facebook: Renata Wright Art

0450 524 229


My early art influence includes being fascinated by pictures in books about our “insect and bug world”. I had several story books about little creatures that live in our garden – spiders, beetles, ants and butterflies making homes in mushrooms, and having conversations with one another. It was a lovely fantasy world to live in. 

I changed jobs throughout the following years, but I was always studying art in one form or another in the evenings, on weekends, and during holidays. I started painting with oil paints, then learned pottery, and finally in 1988 I discovered the wonderful world of watercolour! With this new medium I painted landscapes, animals, people and still life.

I began teaching watercolour classes in 1995 and have been teaching ever since. It’s such a rewarding experience, showing students what I know and watching them develop their own skills.

In 2014 I re-connected with my fascination for the “little world” around me, especially spiders. I started to put small spiders in my paintings for people to find. Then I moved on to just painting spiders on their own. I discovered that there are more arachnids in the world than just redback and tarantulas! There are orb spiders, jumping spiders, crab spiders, peacock spiders, and … the list goes on. They each have their own personalities, just like humans, and they each live differently, eat differently and even mate differently! I love learning about them and I’m enjoying the spider community I’ve connected with on social media too.



Katherine C Fergusen

The Artists Nook, Ethel Street Courtyard, James St, Guildford

Since emigrating to Australia over 11 years ago I have been lucky enough to work with many artists and have been working full-time in my own arts practice since 2017. My work has evolved since leaving art college in 1995 and my bright abstract pieces are a reflection of my life, personality and the world in which I live. I use both acrylic and oils paints and I love to add final touches with chalk or oil pastels. My work is a multi-layered movement of colour and I love to create large impactful feature pieces.


Swan Valley

Naomi Grant

Contemporary Indigenous Artist

10070 West Swan Rd Henley Brookwww.maalinup.com.au
08 9279 9975

04191926 43

I work in acrylic and collage using layers of tissue paper and paint, and I am currently the artist in residence at Maalinup Gallery in the Swan Valley.



Whiteman Park

Michael Rice

Village Art Gallery, Building 5 at Whiteman Park.  



Michael's studio is located in the Whiteman Park artist's village. His practice is primarily about experimenting in the gallery and studio with everyday objects, color, form and shadow, in two and three dimensions. His mixed media works are bright, fun, and playful.

Herne Hill

Jessica Jubb

2/660 Great Northern Hwy, Herne Hill





I am a visual artist making jewellery that expresses my reverie and deep connection with the natural world. I am interested in physical places and their emotional and spiritual relationship to people. As such I am particularly focused on a certain little pocket of the world where I grew up, the Western Australian bush, east of Perth. I start my creative process exploring and observing. Happily travelling north or south, walking places looking with intent, taking visual notes with my camera, capturing the
delicate fleeting wonder in the ever evolving and shifting landscape.

Middle Swan

Zoe Wittber


1 Viveash Way, Middle Swan

0466 602 931


Zoe Wittber was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1985. Wittber works with acrylic paint on canvas,
using a range of illustrative techniques for embellishment. As an emerging Western Australian artist,
she believes in the importance of Visual Arts, in both life and education. Wittber has a Bachelor of
Visual Arts, specializing in painting and illustration and an enthusiasm for depicting beauty in the wild
and untamed aspects of our society. Wittber has previously exhibited at Kurb Gallery, Northbridge
and has had her artwork published through commission work from local music artists. She is an
accomplished, motivated and passionate Visual Arts educator at Kalamunda Senior High School and
has completed a Masters by Research in Visual Arts, with a thesis publication on the importance of
Visual Arts in the education of all children.

Ken Harvey_edited.jpg


Ken Harvey

Ellenbrook Arts HQ, 34 Main Street, Ellenbrook



Ken Harvey is a Devon man who has a strong love of the sea, as much of his work reflects. He uses a range of media including oils, acrylics, inks and watercolours. His paintings sell from Queensland to Albany, and also in the UK. His current work depicts a range of scenes however his main passion is the sea.




John Ned Kelly

26 Lago Promenade, Aveley 


Facebook @johnnedkelly

Instagram @nedjohnkelly

I come from a central Wheatbelt town called Quairading and in my class at school, I was known as the class artist which suited me because I liked the attention and it took the emphasis off the other subjects such as spelling.

After I left School I painted on and off as time and circumstances allowed. Then I used watercolor in painting books and I used a lot of spit because I found it thickened up the paint. 

I had long periods in between the times I painted. I went from 24 to about 48 without painting anything at all and again from 50 to 67 without lifting a paintbrush.

I started painting seriously at Ellenbrook Art Group with a great teacher named Roy Davies who got me started again and I find I am going from strength to strength since then. 

I am now retired and my choice of medium is acrylic, (no spit required), on canvas. I mainly concentrate on 'The Stockman's Series' in my 'home studio' where it is displayed. I have been credited with this style of art being unique and not been seen before. On occasion, I paint other things like the tiger painting which I recently finished which is recommended to differently worth taking a look at.

190_MIDLAND ARTS CENTRE_190825.jpg


Tami Esancy

Ellenbrook Arts HQ, 34 Main Street, Ellenbrook




My practice is about reclaiming objects so it becomes very eclectric, canvases, paint, objects, and a reconnection with clay. I am considering the recycling of the world around me, and through art. I tend to record a form of self-portrait narrative within my work, and the act of retelling. Essentially is all about the “re’s” of our world today, I am hoping others will see this and consider their own “re’s”, when viewing my work.

Val Long.jpg


Val Long

16 Ellen Brook Drive The Vines 6069


Since retireing from full-time teaching, I have time to indulge my creativity as part of the Baskerville Art Group, where I have learned the rudiments of oil painting. My subject matter varies and includes landscapes, seascapes, animal portraits and abstract work. I work in oils, pastels, watercolor and acrylics and enjoy experimenting with new products and techniques. I currently belong to several art groups and have successfully exhibited my work at Ellenbrook, Baskerville and Trigg art shows.

Nicola Cowie_Silver Eye.jpg


Nicola Cowie

The Artists Nook, Ethel Street Courtyard, 175 James Street


Studio Address The Artists Nook, Ethel Street Courtyard, 175 James Street, Guildford 6055




I am a multi award winning visual artist with an Honours Degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Grays School of Art, Robert Gordon’s University.

In my arts practice I work in printmaking and painting while exploring the local landscape around my property in the Avon Valley. As a figurative artist I work from studies of flora and
fauna specifically birds and wildflowers.

My work is contemporary using varied media in a figurative manner emlpoying watercolour, ink drawing and linocut practices with a hint of Art Noveau.


Hayley Kruger.jpg


Hayley Kruger

96 Rossini Circle, Ellenbrook, 6069




Hayley has a passion for all things botanical. Inspired by the strength and
architectural form of native Australian plants, she paints with bold colours and
shapes, grappling with the enjoyable challenge of capturing light on form.
Working in acrylics, her work is an honest response to the beauty she sees in the
natural world.

Version 2 (1).jpeg


Marie Hammat


Facebook:@Marie Hammat

Instagram@ marie_hammat


After teaching art for many years, I enjoy exploring texture and colour through mixed media.

My subject matter explores the natural environment including landscapes, flora & fauna and natural occurrences.


In my studio I use a range of mediums in my work including

textiles, oil, acrylic, paper, recycled materials, frescos, boards and canvas.



Jay Heather

Instagram: @jayheathercreative  

Website: www.orinocoandbungo.com

Wheelchair Access: No

Hi I am Jay

I am a Guildford based visual artist producing quirky energetic and emotive figurative paintings. My paintings are often very bright and quirky with purposefully bold colour palettes chosen. 

I’m especially drawn to pop art and stylisation.

I work in acrylics, watercolour inks and digital technology, often applying traditional art techniques with modern illustration resulting in a distinctive pop art style feel.

jc pic.jpeg


John Cox

20 Waterview Grove, Ellenbrook, 6069


I have been a artist, graphic designer and photographer for over 50years.

Life, the human spirit and social and environmental issues inspire me.

I enjoy developing new styles and experimenting with different mediums.

My art pieces are varied and at times confronting and I make no apologies for my creativity.